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Professional counsellors are required to attend supervision if they want to keep their professional registration. However, we view supervision not as a mandated necessity but as a highly rewarding journey to professional and personal growth.

There are many definitions of supervision, but the one we align with most is this one:

"Supervision is an interactive process between a supervisee and a supervisor that provides the supervisee with a professionally stimulating and supportive opportunity for growth." - The Psychology Board of Australia (2018)

Many supervisees assume that supervision is all about client cases. Indeed, help with clients is something many supervisors provide. But there is much more to supervision. 

In our supervision sessions, we cover the following aspects of professional counsellors' work.


  • Client Cases and Counselling Skills: supporting the supervisee through the counselling process and assisting them in developing counselling skills

  • Education: resources to work with clients, modelling, training opportunities and professional development directions

  • Self-Care: as counsellors, we tend to prioritise caring for others. However, we are unable to help our clients effectively if we are stressed, exhausted or burned out. Ensuring the supervisee has adequate self-care is part of the supervisor's role for professional and ethical reasons

  • Information and Administration: keeping up-to-date with legal and professional requirements, assisting with any paperwork issues, record keeping, reporting, insurance and other organisational topics

  • Private Practice or Professional Contexts: Being not only a counsellor but also a business owner and a qualified business professional, I love talking about all things business. Whether you are in private practice and need strategies to grow and manage it effectively, or a counsellor working in an organisation, understanding the business side of things is essential. 


Individual supervision: $150 for a 60-minute supervision session

Group supervision: $60 for a 120-minute group supervision session (up to 6 supervises)

Online or face-to-face in Mornington, Victoria.

About Alyona


Welcome! I am Alyona, a registered counsellor and a supervisor, couples and sex therapist, and teacher.


I came to couples therapy after a 15-year career in international marketing when I realized that professional success feels empty without healthy relationships.

In 2019, I started ALY'S PLACE, a counselling practice specialising in couples and family relationships. Today, I work with a team of passionate professional counsellors, all of whom I had the pleasure and the privilege to train in couples therapy.

In my practice, I combine a range of therapeutic approaches to help couples and individuals to move forward. Specifically, I use Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), the Gottman Method, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as trauma-informed conversational approaches. 


I teach at Monash University, where I am also working on my PhD in misattributed paternity. I lived on three continents and speak three languages. 


  • PhD Candidate (Monash)

  • Master of Counselling (Monash)

  • Graduate Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health (University of Sydney)

  • Specialist Diploma in Education (Tula)

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Business (Baden-Wuerttemberg)


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