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Teaching You Ready-To-Practice Counselling Skills

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What does life after graduation look like? What therapeutic modalities to use? How to start in private practice? These questions and many more we answer in our dedicated online community on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Building Clinical Confidence

Teaching Ready-to-Practice Counselling Skills to Early Career Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Not all counselling courses offer extensive hands-on training on how to work with clients. Even less counselling training is available that teaches ready-to-practice, situation-specific counselling skills for supporting individuals, couples and families. 

We aim to fill this educational gap by providing case-based, clinically tested and research-backed training for counselling individuals and multiple clients. The unique value of our approach lies in integrating real client cases and scenarios from practice with targeted clinical interventions and counselling theory and research. As a result, our students feel an increased sense of mastery and clinical confidence in working with clients.

After years of teaching individual and couples counselling at our clinic, we now offer our counselling knowledge and expertise to counsellors and other mental health practitioners outside of our specialist relationship-focused practice.  Together, we can help grow the therapeutic community and support many clients in a professional, caring and effective way. 

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Our Courses

We offer specialised, highly interactive training workshops that build clinical confidence in early career counsellors. 

Our courses are tailored around various clinical aspects, from practising foundational counselling skills in realistic case scenarios to working with multiple clients and starting your own private practice. 



Helping others can be challenging and even helpers need help and support. Clinical supervision offers not only experienced-based case guidance but also ​ensures you are navigating your professional life well. 

As a registered supervisor with ACA (Australian Counselling Association), Alyona takes supervisees who work with relationship challenges, couples and/or trauma.

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